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  • About Us

    Chung Sin Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping and promoting social welfare. Our mission is to build better kindness and compassion in our society, and to provide lasting solutions for people in need.

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    Founded in 2017 by Melissa Fok, the Society is dedicated to provide means to support the needs of local underprivileged communities. Our focus is to help people who are bound by their circumstances - to help them out of poverty, and give them an opportunity to have an improved quality of life.


    Chung Sin Society has organized an array of events involving children, single mothers, disabled elderly living alone, cage housing singletons and families living in sub-divided flats. We are determined to use our resources to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy and productive life. From poverty to health, to education, we focus on offering opportunities to dramatically improve the quality of life of underprivileged local Hong Kong people.


    We are committed to raising local awareness and also targeting at the toughest, most problematic areas in Hong Kong. We proactively seek out our beneficiaries and directly connect with them through social workers. 100% of your donations go directly to the people in need. It is our conviction that everyone deserves an opportunity to survive and thrive in relative decency.

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    2017.08.22 - Chung Sin Society Logo Design Competition

    Since the establishment of the Chung Sin Society, our team has been engaged in thoughtful consideration regarding the design of our organization's logo. Upon discovering that the “DesignFirst College” offered a Graphic Design course, we took the opportunity to contact the dean, inquiring about the possibility of involving students in the design process as our inaugural philanthropic project. After providing the students with an initial explanation of the Chung Sin Society's mission and the concept behind our first charitable endeavor, we were delighted by their enthusiastic response and their shared alignment with the values of our organization. For over a month, the students dedicated themselves to this project, successfully collecting ten design proposals with various styles, including abstract, traditional, minimalist, and vibrant approaches. After consideration, the Chung Sin Society ultimately selected a minimalist design. The logo consists of two interconnected halves – the left represents half of a heart shape. In contrast, the right half combines half of a circle with half of a heart shape, symbolizing a harmonious connection between the two elements. The space within the logo signifies the need for us to fill it with kindness and love, emphasizing the collective power of the community coming together to spread kindness.


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    2018.04.28 - Un Chau Estate

    Chung Sin Society collaborated with the office of Councilor Ann Chiang Lai-wan at Un Chau Estate to distribute 2,000 goody bags to elderly residents living alone. Upon learning from Councilor Ann Chiang Lai-wan about the significant number of elderly residents living alone in Un Chau Estate, the Chung Sin Society prepared goody bags containing essential items for daily living, including noodles, rice, and biscuits, to assist these elderly individuals. With the thoughtful arrangements made by Councilor Ann Chiang Lai-wan and the dedicated work of volunteers, the elderly residents lined up in an orderly manner to receive their blessing bags, expressing great joy and gratitude upon receiving them. Among the volunteers from the Chung Sin Society were also child volunteers, who shook hands with the elderly recipients of the blessing bags, conveying their appreciation.

    2018.09.15 - The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon

    Chung Sin Society and the Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon jointly organized a Mid-Autumn Festival visitation event. The event commenced with engaging and interactive activities with adorable and clever children. They participated in riddle-solving and drawing and were rewarded with prizes such as Lego sets, Haagen Dazs vouchers, various toys, and snacks. Each child received a carefully prepared blessing bag from the Chung Sin Society containing stationery, lanterns, mooncakes, beverages, books, supermarket coupons, candies, and other snacks. Following the activities with the children, the volunteers from the Chung Sin Society visited ten households in the Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon's social housing units. They engaged with the residents to gain insights into the lives of underprivileged communities in Hong Kong. Each family was presented with two blessing bags, which included rice, mooncakes, lanterns, beverages, supermarket coupons, and other items. The Chung Sin Society aimed to convey social care and inject positive energy into the community through this event. The collaboration between the two organizations allowed for the spread of compassion and empathy, intending to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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    2018.09.30 - Christian Zheng Sheng College

    Chung Sin Society is honored to have received an invitation from Principal Alman Chan Siu-cheuk of Christian Zheng Sheng College to visit the school on Parents' Day and engage in a dialogue with a class of students who have previously struggled with drug addiction or involvement in drug trafficking. These students are currently undergoing their education in a modest environment, where they are rediscovering their life paths. It is important to note that their inherent nature is not inherently wrong; instead, their lack of discipline at home, poor choice of friends, and state of confusion led them astray. Among these students is a 19-year-old girl who began using drugs at the age of 11, engaged in drug trafficking at 14, and received a court sentence at 15. Thanks to the education and training provided by Christian Zheng Sheng College, she has experienced a positive transformation, displaying increased cheerfulness and actively preparing for the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) examination in two years. She has even been allowed to participate in an exchange program in Cambodia. Christian Zheng Sheng College has provided these students with numerous growth opportunities, such as engaging in activities like photography and part-time work abroad. Chung Sin Society appeals to individuals from all walks of life to demonstrate outstanding care and compassion towards these students. It is crucial not to judge them through biased lenses. As these students transition into society, we hope they will be afforded the chance to begin anew. Furthermore, we urge parents to engage in ongoing self-reflection regarding their approaches to educating their children and to give priority to their children's spiritual well-being. By offering positive guidance, parents can instill in their children the resilience and determination necessary to face the challenges and uncertainties of life.


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    2019.01.26 - Hong Kong Single Parents Association

    To welcome the new year, Chung Sin Society and the Hong Kong Single Parents Association collaborated to organize a Single Mothers' Fun Day event. The event was a success, leaving participants and staff happy and fulfilled! For this event, different activities were arranged for mothers and children. The mothers learned to make osmanthus cakes and almond bars, taking advantage of two hours to focus on learning and sharing experiences with other mothers, resulting in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Meanwhile, we held a Lunar New Year decoration-making activity for the children in another room. The children were enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed the creative process as they designed unique New Year decorations for their homes. Their creations were highly imaginative, and the volunteers couldn't help but admire them. Finally, the mothers and children came together to share their achievements. This event aimed to create different settings for mothers and children to interact with themselves and each other. It allowed them to enjoy their creations and share happiness and achievements, thus promoting interaction and bonding between mothers and children.

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    2019.04.13 - Hong Kong Single Parents Association

    Chung Sin Society and the Hong Kong Single Parents Association joined forces to organize a "Joyful Parent-Child Outing" event for a group of lovely children and their parents. The participating children were delighted as they had the opportunity to visit various places that they had never been to before. It was their first time exploring the itinerary's attractions. The parents enjoyed a full day of parent-child bonding, visiting different locations, and having a great time together.


    The first destination was The Mills, a revitalized historic mill transformed into a vibrant artistic environment. Participants learned about the factory's history through exhibition panels on the ground floor and then visited the rooftop, where they were amazed by large-scale brick artworks.


    The second stop was Lui Fung Shan. Participants remarked that it was a rare opportunity for them to visit this place, as they wouldn't usually travel there by themselves. The beautiful scenery offered views of the Shenzhen Bay Bridge and the city across the border. Parents and children were delighted to indulge in seafood at Lui Fung Shan; some parents even purchased local delicacies and dried seafood.


    The third destination was the Taitong Organic Ecopark Lychee Farm, a favorite among the children. They had a great time playing at the various amusement facilities, enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air in the ecological garden, and feeding organic vegetables and fish to different animals and koi fish. They were fortunate to witness the peacocks displaying their feathers and explore the fascinating ice sculptures in the ice sculpture hall. The children were excited to ride horses on the grassy field. Parents were happy to see their children having a wonderful time and shared in their joy.


    The final stop was the Yuen Long Hang Heung Bakery, where participants could witness the process of handcrafted pastries and expand their knowledge. They also indulged in freshly made sweetheart cake and enjoyed "Sang Wo" tea. Most participants were thrilled to visit and purchase souvenirs to take home.


    This event was significant as many participants had never had the chance to see these attractions before. We exposed them to various aspects of society and allowed them to enjoy the outdoors, breathe fresh air, and fully embrace the joy of parent-child bonding. It was beneficial for their physical and mental well-being. We also aimed to provide children with a leisurely weekend, accompanied by their parents, in a relaxed learning atmosphere, helping them to grow positively. We thank the Hong Kong Single Parents Association and the volunteers for their organization and assistance in making this event possible.

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    2019.06.01 - International Children's Day

    On International Children's Day, June 1, 2019, Chung Sin Society collaborated with the office of Councilor Samuel Chan Wai Ming from Un Chau Estate to distribute goody bags to elderly residents living alone in the estate. The goody bags contained pearl rice, rice noodles, biscuits, toothpaste, and HKD 100 Wellcome supermarket vouchers.


    We were fortunate to receive support from many dedicated volunteer parents, which made this event possible. They donated funds and goods and organized their family members to help distribute the blessing bags and visit the elderly residents.


    On this particular day for children, a group of adorable child volunteers decorated the blessing bags with stickers and, together with their parents, packed the donated items. They handed the blessing bags to the elderly residents. For tChose with limited mobility, the child volunteers approached them and placed the blessing bags into their baskets. The elderly residents' faces lit up with smiles upon receiving the blessing bags from the child volunteers. Together, the volunteers visited nearly 100 households of elderly residents, delivering blessing bags and greetings. Many elderly residents expressed their gratitude and happiness, appreciating the visits. The presence of the children brought joy to the faces of the elderly residents during the visits. We presented certificates of appreciation to the child volunteers for their participation and celebrated a meaningful Children's Day together.


    We want to express our gratitude to the staff and volunteers of Councilor Samuel Chan Wai Ming's office for their preparation and assistance, which contributed to the success of this event. We also thank the volunteer members and donors of the Chung Sin Society for their charitable efforts and for spreading warmth and kindness.

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    2020.03.23 - Hong Kong Women Workers' Association

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the global shortage of face masks, the Hong Kong Women Workers' Association recognized the significant impact the situation had on the lives of many low-income families, who were unable to access masks and, as a result, faced difficulties in their work and livelihoods. In light of this, Chung Sin Society has continuously tried to source masks worldwide over the past months, hoping to assist these families in their time of urgent need. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of the Hong Kong Women Workers' Association for their assistance and coordination. Our supply of masks has recently been distributed to families in need, and we hope they can provide timely support to these individuals. Chung Sin Society sincerely hopes that the pandemic can be controlled as soon as possible so that everyone's lives can return to normal and their physical and mental well-being can be maintained.

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    2021.09.26 - Caritas Hong Kong

    Coinciding with the official opening of the Hong Kong Ocean Park water park, our organization, Chung Sin Society, invited a group of underprivileged families to visit the water park, aiming to bring them joy and a unique experience. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the social workers from Caritas Hong Kong for their assistance and arrangements, which made this event possible. Chung Sin Society sincerely hopes that each family, despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, can find a little happiness in their lives. 

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    2022.04.12 - Maxim's Caterers Limited x Society for Community Organization

    The pandemic of the coronavirus in Hong Kong is causing significant hardship for many underprivileged families, who are facing challenges in meeting basic needs such as having three meals a day. Recently, Chung Sin Society received sponsorship from Maxim's Caterers Limited, consisting of 100 bags of premium Thai fragrant rice. We have distributed all of them to needy families and sincerely thank Maxim's Caterers Limited for their generous support. In this regard, we thank the Society for Community Organization team for their assistance and coordination in distributing the rice. We hope that our thoughts can bring some warmth to the underprivileged families in need. 

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    2022.04.13- Street Sleepers' Shelter Society Trustees Incorporated, New Home Association & Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

    During the pandemic, most individuals can stay home and minimize outings. Regrettably, homeless individuals cannot exercise such choice and are compelled to endure prolonged periods of homelessness on the streets. Their vulnerable circumstances, compounded by malnutrition and poor health conditions, render them highly susceptible to infection, with an increased likelihood of developing severe illness.


    To aid the homeless population in navigating the challenges posed by the epidemic, the Chung Sin Society has diligently prepared 100 anti-epidemic service bags. These bags contain essential anti-epidemic supplies, including masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, rapid testing kits, Lianhua Qingwen capsules, and cash vouchers for the redemption of hot meals. These provisions represent our modest contribution to alleviating their plight. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated team at the Street Sleepers' Shelter Society Trustees Incorporated for their invaluable assistance and meticulous coordination in distributing the epidemic relief bags. Furthermore, we sincerely hope that homeless individuals receive enhanced attention and support.


    We would also like to thank the New Home Association and the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society for their instrumental efforts in distributing 500 anti-epidemic service bags to needy families.

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    2024.01.14 Sham Shui Po

    On January 14, 2024, Chung Sin Society, in collaboration with the office of legislator Cheng Wing Shun, the office of Councilor Lau Pui Yuk, and the office of Councilor Chan Lung Kit, organized a charity event called "Love Goody Bags for the Community"!


    During this event, we distributed 1000 goody bags containing rice, sugar, salt, towels, toothbrushes, soap, and a $20 Maxim's Group dining voucher to bring everyone warmth and love in the new year.


    This event specifically focused on caring for grassroots individuals who receive Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Working Family Allowance and residents living in subdivided houses and single-parent families. We also invited a group of volunteers, including children, to participate in the event. They visited eight households in subdivided houses, gaining a deeper understanding of grassroots individuals' lives, challenges, and difficulties, and presented them with goody bags.


    Through this event, We use care and love to warm the hearts of those in need. We express gratitude to the support and collaboration of legislator Cheng Wing Shun's office, councilor Lau Pui Yuk's office, and councilor Chan Lung Kit's office, who enabled us to work together in bringing more warmth and care to the community.