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    Chung Sin Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting vulnerable communities. Our goal is to provide sustainable solutions and foster a society of kindness and empathy.


    Please consider supporting Chung Sin Society to join hands in injecting positive energy into society. Your generosity will be the key to changing lives.


    Thank you for your support and donation. Let's work together to create a fairer and more caring society where everyone has the opportunity for happiness and dignity. We look forward to collaborating with you to achieve social progress and inclusiveness.

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    Every continuous support is a tremendous help to Chung Sin Society's ongoing service.

    Chung Sin Society sincerely appreciates your generous donation, which signifies your support for our humanitarian services and presents an invaluable gift to those in need in our society. We cherish every donation and will ensure that these resources are utilized most effectively to improve social welfare.

    We welcome you to choose from the following methods to make a donation and join us in making a contribution to the progress and inclusiveness of our society:

    Faster Payment System (FPS)

    Please transfer the donation to the Chung Sin Society Limited “FPS ID” : 101424505/ Phone no. : 9668 3232

    Direct Bank Deposit

    Donations can be deposited to the following bank accounts of Chung Sin Society Limited:


    Bank NameBank of China

    Account No.:012-875-1-265588-1

    Please send us a screen capture of the related transaction history with your name, telephone no., postal address and donor ID(if applicable) to info@chungsinsociety.org or Whatsapp 9665 2167  for the donation receipt.

  • Enquiries

    For more details, please email: info@chungsinsociety.org